Humanities subjects are an exploration into much of our human existence.

Courses are designed to teach and consolidate a wide variety of skills from simple recall of information to sophisticated analysis and evaluation. From the examination of the origins of Western civilisation to current political debates and economic policies, students are consistently encouraged to ask questions and challenge the information they are presented. Students formulate and test hypotheses to develop a mature understanding of their world: past, present and future. 

Year 7 and Year 8 Humanities: explore the subject areas of History, Geography and Economics. Students' learning is both about past and contemporary worlds. 

Year 9 Humanities: is integrated with Science and English through specially designed topics. 

In Year 10: students complete a semester of History and a semester of Society and Money. Each topic aims to give students a clearer understanding of the world around them.

Year 11 and Year 12: when students enter their final two years of secondary education, they can choose from a wide variety of subjects. Accounting, Classical Societies, Economics, Geography, History, Politics and Legal Studies courses are all offered under the Humanities umbrella.