It is an exciting time to be an educator. We move forward into an age where technology, globalisation and immediate access to information are re-shaping the world.

It impacts not only the way our students may interact with technology in their jobs, but also on the way learning and teaching takes place.

Digital learning (known as eLearning) continues to reach past the classroom walls, allowing for differentiated learning to take place so that students may be further challenged and engaged.

eLearning offers both teachers and students new ways to collaborate and communicate understanding.

Star has embraced the possibilities that can come with eLearning with the appointment of an eLearning Coordinator.

Access to information technology is valued at Star with the embedded use of laptops for all students from Year 7 to Year 12.

Interactive whiteboards are also in use in the Science Labs and at the ANZAC campus. Individual faculties use a wide array of software and hardware to help facilitate learning and teaching.

It is particularly important that our students minimise their vulnerability to negative experiences such as cyber-bullying. We guide them in the responsible use of technology thus ensuring their becoming positive digital citizens.

Students need to develop a more sophisticated level of digital literacy. This enables them to be more discerning in the reading of information sources that bombard them in their day-to-day lives. It also provides them with the tools with which to create their own interpretation of the world and their place in it.

Staff undertake continual professional development so that they develop innovative programs and initiatives for the students.

Students have opportunities to extend not only their ICT but also their leadership skills as part of our iTeam.

This expert group of students are trained in presenting and facilitation. They work with, and advise, their peers in the classroom and teachers as part of their professional development. They play an enormous role in supporting the ICT needs of both students and teachers.