The Learning and Teaching philosophy at Star of the Sea has emerged from a growing tradition, developed throughout the years by the Presentation Sisters in conjunction with other dedicated staff members. 

In accordance with the College Mission Statement, Star of the Sea educates young women spiritually, academically, physically and creatively in a compassionate Catholic context. We strive to empower young women to engage in critical reflection leading to positive action for our world.

Teachers are dynamic facilitators of student learning who are nurtured in a climate that is supportive and challenging. They view education as a lifelong pursuit and respond to the demands of educating women in the 21st Century. They:

urge students to embrace a whole-hearted, enthusiastic approach to life, to strive to reach beyond their potential and to aim for excellence in all they undertake;
challenge students to think deeply and critically, research productively and to express their opinions thoughtfully;
educate students within structures which are liberating rather than constraining and challenged to be responsible for their own learning and the decisions they make;
support students in developing a positive and confident approach to the technological developments that have enriched modern education;
encourage students to build their capacity for personal reflection and, through a variety of teaching strategies, come to better understand themselves as learners.

Curriculum Framework

AusVELS provides the framework for the curriculum in Years 7 to 10 and represents both the Victorian Essential Learning Standards as well as the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, History and science. All students in years 7 to year 12 study Religious Education.

The focus of studies in Year 7 and Year 8 is building breadth and depth while at Year 9 and Year 10 students begin to develop areas of specialisation and future learning pathways. 

Students in Year 7 complete a core program of both full-year and semester-length units. They are exposed to introductory studies in each of the three languages offered: German, Italian and Japanese.

In Year 8 students specialise in two of the three languages. They are also introduced to Food Technology while maintaining the core subjects undertaken in Year 7.

Year 9 students spend a year at Anzac House, the 1874 historic mansion in North Road, Brighton. They experience an integrated, thematic approach to studies in English, Science and Humanities while completing additional core studies in Mathematics, Physical Education and Religious Education. Students choose two elective units each semester while maintaining at least one language for the year.  The workshop program allows students to explore the world of work, their personal learning style and identity.

At Year 10, core studies include English, Mathematics, Science, History, Society and Money and Health/Physical Education. Two electives are undertaken each semester.

With a particular emphasis on preparation for VCE, students are encouraged to identify and pursue studies that further develop their interests, strengths and aspirations. 

All Year 10 students participate in a week of work experience.

The interdisciplinary strands of the AusVELS curriculum (ICT, Thinking and Creativity) are embedded into a variety of core and elective studies from Year 7 to Year 12.

Year 11 and Year 12 students have the opportunity to complete VCE and VCE/VET courses. A comprehensive range of studies is offered across Units 1-4. Where appropriate, Year 11 students have access to a variety of Unit 3-4 studies.  

The VCAL certificate is also offered with the flexibility to tailor individualised programs; Intermediate and Senior VCAL programs are available.  CLICK HERE  to learn more...