Star is a community in which respect for others and self is fundamental.

Only in a community where each member respects the rights of others to learn, to teach, to play, to feel secure and happy, can real growth towards maturity and freedom take place.

We ask that all students follow the Healthy, Safe and Respectful School Community Policy,which states that students respect the dignity and rights of each member of the Star community by:

• contributing to a community where all students and staff have the right to feel safe and secure;
• abiding by the College Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy;
• accepting responsibility for my own actions and decisions;
• extending courtesy and respect to all;
• doing my best to learn in all tasks;
• respecting the right of the teacher to teach and the rights of others to learn;
• promoting the good reputation of the College;
• keeping the school clean and safe; and
• respecting my own and others' property.

Students are required to behave at all times and to all people with politeness, respect, courtesy and consideration.

Students are expected to arrive at 8.20am to access their lockers in preparation for the 8:30am commencement of classes and to remain on the College property at all times during the school day.

The use of mobile communication devices is to be in accordance with the Student ICT Policy

The College Uniform

All students are required to wear full school uniform travelling to and from school, and are expected to ensure that their uniforms are clearly marked .

Summer Uniform
Winter Uniform
PE Uniform *
College blazer
- optional on hot days      
College blazer                             
College sports shorts                               
College summer dress
- appropriate length
Blue College shirt 
College polo shirt
College jumper
 - not to be worn as an outer garment
    travelling to and from school 
College jumper
- not to be worn as an outer garment
   travelling to and from school
College track pants
Black lace-up school shoes
- no sports shoes
- no 't-bar' shoes
Pleated College skirt
- appropriate length
College rugby jumper
White College socks
Navy tights
College spray jacket, Yrs 8-12 (the new sport jacket
will be available soon, rolled out to the Yr 7 cohort first)
Hair ribbon/s
- College ribbon, available from the College Uniform Shop
   on the Anzac campus
- Hair to be worn up and back, off the collar
Black lace-up school shoes 
- no sports shoes
Sport runners

College backpack
College backpack
College sport socks
  College scarf, available from the College Uniform Shop    
on the Anzac campus

College sport bag
    College sport cap

* Students selected for school representative teams will be required to wear the specified team uniform which can be purchased at the College Uniform Shop on the Anzac campus (see below for information).

Important information ...

The blazer must always be worn as the outer garment with the exception on hot days with the summer uniform, where the College summer dress may be worn.

The College jumper is never to be worn as the outer garment as you travel to and from the College.

Dresses must be no more than 10cm above the top of the knee.

PE Uniforms may be worn to and from school on the days the student has a PE class, Practical Human Movement class or GSV sport after school.

Facial makeup and coloured nail polish are not to be worn with the College uniform.

Jewellery - rings, bracelets and necklaces - must not be worn with the College uniform.

Students who have pierced ears may wear one small pair of sleepers or one pair of small plain studs in the ear.

Facial piercings and tongue studs are not permitted.

Hair should be of a natural colour and kept neat . Hair below the neckline must be tied back. Half up/ half down hairstyles are not permitted.  This is a safety and health precaution. Extreme hairstyles, as determined by the College, are not acceptable.

A uniform detention will be incurred for uniform infringements.

Buying the College uniform ...

New uniforms are available from Nicholls Fashion Centre, 159 Martin Street, Gardenvale  - telephone: 9596 2335.  Replacement blazer pockets with the College crest circa 2013 are available for purchase as the old crest is not longer a part of the College uniform.  If in doubt about the current crest, refer to the College crest this website.

The PE uniform, second-hand items and College backpacks are only available from the College Uniform Shop located on the Anzac campus in North Road. Opening hours are published in the fortnightly newsletter and on the College website.