Tour bookings

Posted 04-Apr-2019

Tours of the College cater for specific groups 

Annual Grade 5-Specific Tour Series are designed for prospective Year 7 students and their families but any families may join the tours.

Note: these tours cover the areas of the College campus that a Year 7 student would access on a daily basis.

Bookings are made via the link below (tours are populated very quickly) and will take place between March and August in 2019.

CLICK HERE to book a tour - there are 8 tours in this series.

Individual appointment only, post-interview tours for students seeking entry from Year 8  to Year 12

Occasional "by invitation only" tours relate to special events: e.g. Art Week

Please note:
  • Whilst building works progress through the College, whole-school tours cannot be offered.
  • Tours are not offered during examination cycles

For all inquiries regarding tours, email the College Registrar:

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