Education Charter

Learning and Teaching at Star

As teachers we…

As students we…

We are a community of learners, who have a passion for learning, sharing knowledge, celebrating achievement, enabling growth and striving for excellence.

Demonstrate a love of learning and a passion for our learning area.

Are active members of our profession who seek to improve student learning and engagement through a commitment to 21st Century pedagogy, facilitated by ongoing professional learning.

Validate and celebrate all achievements in our community.

• Understand that it is our responsibility to exercise initiative in order to be active learners.

• Embrace and celebrate our passion for education and our achievements

Learning and Teaching at Star

As teachers we…

As students we…

We have a dynamic and holistic approach to life. We are responsive to the needs of others, strive for justice and empower young women to make a difference in the world.

Respect, value and support the diversity of learners and learning activities at Star

Recognise that learning and teaching contributes to each student recognising her place as a responsible, global citizen.

• Open our eyes and hearts to different people and issues and use the values we witness at Star to better our world and our future.

• Use our initiative to participate in the many enriching activities on offer and accept diversity within our community

• Celebrate each other’s gifts.

We build authentic relationships founded on care, compassion and mutual respect.

Care for all members of our community and uphold the dignity of each individual

Instil a sense of belonging, identity and pride amongst our students

• Build mutual, trusting relationships by encouraging, supporting, accepting and respecting each other.

We value personalised learning that is rigorous, relevant and engaging and provides ongoing support, challenge and success for all students.

Develop relevant and innovative curriculum that seeks to challenge students and engage them in real world learning activities

Support differentiation and personalisation of the curriculum

• Take responsibility for discussing with our teachers how best to understand and improve our learning.

• Optimise all learning opportunities

We promote independence, interdependence and self-confidence through collaboration and effective communication.

• Engage in respectful dialogue

Instil the skills and confidence necessary to work effectively in both collaborative and individual settings

• Uphold our identity as strong Star women in an environment that encourages and nurtures independence, creativity and positive relationships.

• Encourage each other in everything we do and collaborate with respect.

We create opportunities to engage in self-reflection to assist in the development of meaningful learning.

Embrace opportunities that provide timely and constructive feedback to develop a community of reflective and responsive learners.

• Are open to discovering ourselves as learners.

• Embrace constructive feedback by reflecting on our achievements and our failures.

We encourage creativity and critical thinking, where risk-taking and problem solving is valued as an important contribution to learning.

• Foster curiosity and deep thinking by creating an environment where students are encouraged to question, explore and appreciate learning through inquiry

• Invest in our learning through remaining open minded and curious in everything we do. We are prepared to question, explore more deeply and take risks to challenge ourselves. We value creativity and thinking outside the square.