Retreats and Reflections

Each year, students and staff participate in a retreat or reflection day. 

These experiences provide an opportunity to:
  • deepen our relationship with God;
  • develop a sense of community with our peers and colleagues;
  • increase our self-knowledge, especially our strengths and weaknesses.
Year 7 has a reflection experience in Mentor Groups as part of the Term 1 Orientation Program that explores aspects of Lent, beginnings and the Mentor Group as community

Year 8 has a reflection day in Mentor Groups exploring aspects of faith, family and friendship

Year 9 has a reflection day with the whole year level, exploring the realities of being ‘in right relationship’ with one’s self, others and God

Year 10 has a three-day retreat/camp with the whole year level, incorporating of outdoor initiative/team-building activities and indoor reflective sessions: meditation, reflective art activities, yoga, images of God, Celtic Spirituality, Eco-Spirituality

Year 11 has a compulsory two-day retreat with the whole year level: 
  • Day 1: a Judeo-Christian approach to Social Justice;
  • Day 2: an examination of aspects of Leadership.
This program complements the Year 11 Ethics and Morality course and acts as an introduction to the formal selection of student leaders for the following year.

Year 12 has a compulsory two-day retreat with the whole year level: 
This experience challenges students to take responsibility for the development of their life of faith and to work toward a holistic study/work/life balance across their final year of school. 

All staff participate in a reflection experience at the end of Semester 1, incorporating communal prayer, reflective workshops and a shared meal. Staff are encouraged to attend retreat and reflection programs offered through the multitude of Retreat Centres throughout Melbourne.