Our Name and Crest

The College’s name was chosen by the first group of Presentation Sisters when, in 1883, they placed the school under the patronage of Mary, mother of Jesus, first disciple, and symbol of faith, love and openness to God for all Christian people.

The choice of this particular title for Mary (Stella Maris in Latin) was undoubtedly influenced by the College’s proximity to the sea.

Mary has been honoured through the ages by this title.

At a time when mariners guided their ships by the stars, Mary was seen as a guiding light for all Christians on their journey on the "sea of life", and the title has been retained by the Church for its rich symbolic meaning.

In 2013, the College’s 130th year, a new crest was developed. Remaining faithful to the history and mission of the College, it projects a strong, contemporary look for the College. It is reflective of the desire to treasure Star’s Presentation past while fashioning a Presentation future. It retains the elements of previous versions of the crest dating back to 1920…

                The 7-pointed star 
The College name: Star of the Sea 
The College motto: Facta non verba
The colours red and blue